Welcome at the Internet portal ColosseumTicket (further "CT" only) through which you can online book, order or directly purchase tickets for culture events. This section entitled "How to purchase" will give you all the necessary information about how to book, order or directly purchase tickets.





At the home page of the portal, there is an up-dated offer which is highlighting to interesting events. You can search for events by type by navigation Musical, Theatre, Music, Festival, Cinema, Children, Tours, and Others. Further, you can search for events by date, name, place, organizer, category, type of event, or combinations of more features via the advanced search, the calendar included.


After you click on the icon "Tickets" you will be directed to a selection of places which you further put into a virtual cart. In the cart, there is a possibility to use a discount available for the particular event and use discount vouchers via "Choose a discount" eventually.


This section provides a list of all the types of booking that the Colosseum tikcet booking system offers to the users of this portal.


The event organiser may not support all the types of booking mentioned below.

For each type of booing, the organiser sets a deadline until which you can book tickets through the Colosseum ticket.

The supported types of booking with details concerning the method of payment and collection/ delivery of tickets are always shown directly in the virtual hall of the event you selected, along with information about the supported types of ordering and purchasing in the sections METHODS OF ORDERING and METHODS OF PURCHASING TICKETS).

If the deadline for all types of booking has expired for your event, the virtual event hal will display a message that tickets can no longer be booked In this case, you cannot put more tickets into your virtual basket.

Once you have finished booking tickets, the display will show the number and name of your booking, expire date and information concerning delivery of tickets. Booked tickets must be paid on or before the expiry date and using the method of payment you selected (at the ticket agent´s counter or by a bank transfer). If the tickets are delivered by post, a handling fee for postage and packaging may be added to the price of the tickets. The fee is displayed when the tickets are selected in the virtual event hall, depending on the method and delivery of the tickets.


On-line payment by card takes place via the payment gate on the secure Pay MUZO system. More information here. The gate supports payment by VISAVISA ElectronMasterCard and Maestro cards for on-line transactions based on the 3-D Secure standard, which provides for unique identification of all the parties involved in the transaction. The main advantage of the payment gate is a significant improvement of security for all the parties involved – card holder, seller, issuing bank and clearing bank.

How to pay for tickets by card on-line

Once you have finished selecting tickets, you will be prompted to pay by clicking on the PAY button. When you click on the button, the website will redirect you to the Pay MUZO system, where you will be prompted to enter the details of the card you wish to use for payment (card number, expiry date, control code – CVC 2, CVV2). The screen will show the name of the seller to whom you are paying for the tickets, the fee for the tickets you selected and your order number.

If you use a secure card in the 3-D Security System, you will be prompted on the next page to enter the password to authorise payment via the Internet.

If the payment via the Pay MUZO system is successful, your order will be assigned an identification number and you will be automatically redirected back to the booking portal, where you will see payment confirmation. You can then print a list of the tickets paid by the bank card.

If the payment is unsuccessful, you will also be redirected back to the booking portal, where you will see a message that the payment was unsuccessful. The tickets you selected will be removed from the virtual basket and released for sale.

Payment authorisation may fail due to the following reasons:

  • you entered wrong card details by mistake,
  • the balance of your account was insufficient at the time to make the payment,
  • your card does not allow you to make transactions via the Internet. Contact the card issuer, i.e. your bank,
  • • a technical or another problem with the card occurred – expiry date, maximum amount of payment exceeded, a technical problem in the authorisation centre etc.,


If you select this type of delivery, you will be able to print the tickets from your printer, once the amount covering the price of the tickets booked and the handling fee has been credited to the account dispayed in the last step of your booking, the tickets will be sent by post to the address stated in the booking. eTicket can be printed from the menu "My bookings" when you are logged in to this portal. To print eTickets, you will need a programme that allows you to print PDF documents(e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The organiser and the seller shall not be responsible for any inconvenience caused by unauthorised use or copying of eTickets. eTickets must be kept in a safe place to prevent misuse thereof. Entry to the event will only be allowed upon presentation of the first eTicket that has been processed by the validator. If the eTicket is presented repeatedly or if a copy of the eTicket is presented, entry to the event will be denied regardless of who presents the eTicket.


Registration on the booking portal is voluntary if you only wish to book tickets and pay for them at the ticket agent’s counter (type of booking: ticket agent’s counter – personal collection of tickets).

Registration is mandatory for all the other types of booking, ordering and purchasing of tickets. If you do not register before you select an event and put tickets into your virtual basket, you will be prompted to register when you book, order or purchase tickets.

The advantage of registration on the booking portal is that it provides you with access to the bookings/orders that you created using this booking portal or that you paid for on-line via this booking portal. To see the list of your bookings, orders and paid tickets, click on “My bookings” menu.

You can check the box "Send me news by email" when you register. You can select the organisations and types of events you with be informed about by a weekly bulletin. This way you won’t miss any premiere and you will get to know all the news and any changes to the programme.

How to register:

  1. Click the Reservations tab and then the Registration button
  2. Fill in all the mandatory fields
  3. If you wish to be informed about all the news of the booking system, check the box „Send me news by email“.The default setting covers all the options. If you do not wish to be informed about the events of some organisation or about some types of event on offer, simply uncheck the box.
  4. Confirm registration by clicking on the “Register” icon
  5. . Log in to the system for each subsequent purchase or booking of tickets by going to the "Log in" section and filling in your user name and password.
  6. To change your registration details, log in to the portal and click on the “Registration” icon.


To log in to the booking portal, you need to enter your user name and password in the same format as when you registered. The system is both caps- and diacritics-sensitive.



If you forget your password to the booking portal, you can request a password to be sent to your email address that you entered during registration. Just click on the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD icon.


As a registered user of the Colosseum ticket booking system you can display your bookings/orders that you created using this booking portal or that you paid for on-line via this booking portal, by clicking on "My bookings”.

Log in to “My bookings” list to view all your bookings/orders. Click on the More details button to view detailed information about the selected tickets.

If you selected the eTicket option, you can print your ticket from this list.

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