IMF Janacek May

Janáčkův máj, o.p.s. , 28. října 124/2556, Ostrava 1

International music festival in Ostrava's history dates back to the post-war years of the last century, when we traced the first efforts of enriching the musical life. He was between the world wars in Ostrava very interesting and valuable, and the city could not boast of many extraordinary premieres, but also visiting world leaders. For a long time the festival has become an integral part of Ostrava Symphony Orchestra (today's Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra) and was always one of the many Spring music festival was then Czechoslovakia.


The festival became in 1996 a founding member of the Association of Music Festivals of the Czech Republic and a year later a member of the very prestigious (one of the founders of the legendary Herbert von Karajan!) European Music Association, and as the third member of the Czech Republic.