IMF Lipa Musica

The International Music Festival Lípa Musica is originally from local, originating from the Czech Lipa oriented festival of spiritual music has become after years of significant social and musical feast, whose coming is with every novice autumn eagerly awaited.


In the eleven years of the festival Lípa Musica in the North Bohemian region was held for more than one hundred twenty concerts in which it is presented is always the best and most interesting artists, which could offer the world of classical music.


Festival each year opens its scene and attractive to foreign guests. His dramaturgy before audiences in different places of the region said many artists from Europe, Russia and even Japan, where he eventually came congregation of Buddhist monks, who appeared in a joint concert with the ensemble Schola Gregoriana Pragensis.


This and many more for your audience already Lipa Musica prepared. Has become a recognized and highly acclaimed cultural event, which easily beats the stereotype of rootlessness and low cultural level in northern Bohemia and in the borderland.