National Theatre

Národní divadlo, Národní 2, Praha 1

The National Theatre is the representative stage of the Czech Republic. It can certainly be described as a symbol of national identity and an integral part of the European cultural space. It bears national cultural heritage and provides space for free artistic creation. The National Theatre is a living artistic organization which understands the burden of tradition as an obligation to seek new solutions and strives for the highest artistic quality. Under the artistic management of the National Theatre is one of four scenes: the National Theatre, the Karlin Music Theatre (during the time of the reconstruction of the State Opera), the Estates Theatre and the New Stage. Today the National Theatre consists of four ensembles: opera, drama, ballet and Laterna Magica. Artistic ensembles choose their repertoire of rich classical heritage and alongside Czech authors also focus on modern world output. The repertoire consists předsavení New Stage Laterna Magica, drama series and original projects.


Die Zauberflöte (Kouzelná flétna) As far as I see
Othello, Venetian Blackamoor My heart beats to the rhythm of swing
CUBE Il trovatore