Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

SOČR - Český rozhlas, Vinohradská 12, Praha 2

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra is one of the leading and oldest Czech orchestral ensembles. His creative dramaturgy and still rising artistic level has gained a significant position in the Czech concert life. Also among the guests welcome foreign concert halls.


It offers its listeners Radio Symphony Orchestra concerts at the subscription series in the Dvorak Hall in the Rudolfinum and the Smetana Hall. He is a frequent guest at several important cultural events (festivals Prague Spring, Smetana's Litomyšl, Czech Krumlov, Dvorak Prague, Moravian Autumn etc.).


Credit artistic body confirms the favorable response to his foreign tour, either by the audience or among the critics. Radio Symphony Orchestra regularly appears nearly everywhere in Europe, they emerge in Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan and the United States.


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