Rock Opera Prague

RockOpera Praha, Komunardů 306/1, Praha 7

Rock Opera Prague: If you want to experience the atmosphere of a rock fest in the theater? It's going! Prague band RockOpera not closing into the orchestra pit, we seduce you from the stage. Overlook phenomenal rhythm: excellent interplay Martina Ivana (most sought after bass player in the Czech Republic) and Richard Scheufler jr. (Drummer body and soul). Duo guitar geeks constitutes an excellent player David Pavlik (lead guitar) and master riffs Jan Pesh (rhythm guitar). Mood distributes musical magician and entertainer Miloslav Koci (percussions, didgeridoo). The leading article of the band is directly composer, chief conductor and virtuoso piano and keyboard player in one person - Milan Steigerwald.


Malý princ Antigona
Vymítač Faust