Frida Thatre

Divadelní spolek Frída, Zelný trh 4, Brno

Frída theater was founded in late 1999 initiative Bolek Polivka. The founder of the Theatre Association Frida actor Martin Trnava. Focus drama theater company is based on the authorship Dodo Gombár directors, and actors James Nvota Martin Trnava, Radim Novak. Over a period of sixteen years of Frida incurred plays: Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll; Variations on the booze; The landlady; Already troubějí; Men's ride; Scythe; Reality show; Butterfly; Strange gigs; Roxana; Like Thelma and Louise; Frankie and Johnny; Interview with a vampire; A colleague Mel Gibson, castling and Rapper. All theater performances are still included in the repertoire of the Theatre Association Frída and is currently seen by more than 450,000 spectators. Theatre Production Association Frída all actors, actresses and actors in supporting roles only ever hired has no employees. 


Annually indicate Theatre Frída about 80 performances. The vast majority of performances are now playing in theaters Reduta, however, due to the fact that the Theatre Frída enjoying a great audience response and therefore great interest in Czech theater, appearing regularly in theaters across the Czech and Slovak Republics. Theaters: Branik Theatre, Theatre Kalich Theatre Without railing Municipal Theatre Decin, Astorka, Nitra, MDPOH, Rococo Prague, Brno club Šelepka others. Other guest actors in the performances of the Theatre Association Frída that you can see are: Božidara Turzonovová (theater play Kosa), Jiri Pecha (drama Men ride), Bolek Polivka (theater play Variations on Booze), Kamil Mikulčík (theater play The Pub), Hana Holišová (theater play I troubějí), Jakub Nvota (theatrical reality game show), Marika Procházková (Like Thelma and Louise), Diana Mórová (between heaven and woman) Barbora Munzarová (Interview with the vampire, the Thelma and Louise, castling).



Kolega Mela Gibsona