Goja Music Hall

Goja Music Hall, Výstaviště, Praha 7

While visiting Prague Exhibition in Hlešovicích certainly not escape your attention a unique building, at first glance reminiscent of one of the Egyptian pyramids. But hiding the pyramid tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, but the famous theater GOJA MUSIC HALL.


The theater building, which tells you otherwise, than the pyramid was built on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition in 1991. It was designed by Ing. Arch Josef Matthias, who decided to give their work a unique shape. The pyramid is built of steel structures. Its base is almost 50 meters and a total building height exceeds 40 meters. Futuristic building in the shape of a pyramid and for many years served as an exhibition pavilion.


The original theater was turned into a new and modern space. Goja Music Hall currently has a capacity of 864 seats. There is possibility of snack that provides several bars. Pyramid because of its shape, offers viewers an unforgettable experience of performances. It regularly hosts musical and theatrical performances, dance and music festivals, multimedia shows, fashion shows and other cultural events.


Transport & parking

Tram lines 12, 14, 17 - tram stop ,,Výstaviště Holešovice"


Parking-  Green zone for medium-term paid parking (6 hours)- st. U papírny, Jabloňského, Rajská