Rock Opera Prague

Anna Karenina

Rock opera based on the novel by Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.


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4:00 PM

RockOpera Praha

Praha 7 - Holešovice

399 - 1099 CZK


About performance

"Escape from everyday life, emotinal stres and power of uncontrollable feelings it´s what makes Anna Karenina a timeless masterpiece and is in sync with esence of rock music" says author of libretto Pavla Forest who portrays Anna Karenina.

Story is set in bikers club which represents state, hierarchy and order. It´s the place when we learn about Anna Karenina and her tragic fate. We witness events that change lives of everbody involved. What is love´s and family´s role in human life? Does individual´s passion and happiness come always first? How does perfect relationship look? Director Roman Štolpa says: "Issues presented in this piece are still actual. We still struggle with relationships, life crisis, dissatisfaction with our lives. We still try to change to find happiness, moral values or place in society. Opera give space to think about our problem and in its own way can offer a solution."

Production is accompanied by acrobats and fire show performed by Pyroterra.


Pavla Forest
Jiří Zonyga
Jan Toužimský
Viktor Dyk

and others.

Length 145 minutes
Wheelchair access
Libretto / scenography
Pavla Forest
Milan Steigerwald
Pavla Forest
Stage director
Roman Štolpa

Performance teaser